Becky Schmitz

Jefferson County Board of Supervisors (Current)

Marg will bring a positive, thoughtful approach to county government. Her experience on the Fairfield Community Schools Board of Education will add a valuable skill level to the work of the Jefferson County Board of Supervisors. In many ways running the county is similar to running a business, and her tenure at Cambridge Investment Research will help her add a smart business acumen to Jefferson County. It would be a privilege to pass the baton to Marg as a Board of Supervisor, and I would feel that the county is in good hands.

Emily Kelly

Business owner

Marg is dynamic, intelligent and sensitive to the needs of those around her. She is genuinely concerned about the future of our county, and will be a great asset to the Board of Supervisors. I support her 100%!

Gail Miller

Former School Board member, farmer

I worked with Marg as a member of the school board and respect her decision making ability. She looks at all sides of an issue and asks probing questions before forming her opinion. Marg works very hard to make decisions using consensus. Having Marg as a member of the board of supervisors will add some balance to the board - she is familiar with many groups and is known to many residents in Jefferson County. If I still lived in Jefferson County, I’d be voting for Marg!